Hollyland Lark-150 Wireless Microphone Dual Mics

LARK 150
Dual Mics ON. Say You Say Me.

The LARK 150 is a wireless microphone system equipped with two independent ultra-compact mics designed to record 2-person dialogues.

Never miss any sounds for street interviews, travel vlogging, conversational live streaming, and other types of digital content creation that feature one or two people onscreen.

 23,800.00 +GST

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Noise Buffer Design.
Cleaner Audio in Action

Sounds cutting out during yoga, jogging, and other workouts? The built-in floating buffer sponge effectively avoids collision between the mic and the shell during exercises to reduce noise and enable delicate sound collection.

All-match Versatility. One for All.

One for all is true. Your voices can be recorded regardless of the shooting equipment. Mobile phones, cameras, sports cameras, tablets, computers, etc., all can be used together with it.
Note: It needs an adapter cable from Hollyland to work with mobile devices.

Smart Signal Processing.
Stay Connected.

Worried about unstable transmission?

It scans the surrounding frequency 8,000 times per second and automatically connects to the interference-free channel to ensure the system is always connected. All sounds can be received with no dropouts, even when shooting in the busy streets.

Hear As You See.

Not sure about the effective range?

It enables ultra-low latency sub-5ms response at up to 100m transmission distance. The range of activities is no longer limited. Take the camera or mobile devices to jump, run, and shout. As long as you are there, the sound is there.

Auto Pairing. Open and Use.

Take ’em out and use ’em right away. The pairing is automatically completed in the charging box without any further operation. Sing or talk as soon as you want to. You will not miss the sound of every important moment.

Note: Please take out the insulation film in the case when using it for the first time.
2 Person Interview
Solo Performance-Song

Your Rhythm. Your Way.

Use the LARK 150 to listen to more people, record more sounds, document more professions, and share more excitement.

So Many Ways to Work.

Recording Modes Selected on Demand: Mono, Stereo, and Safety soundtrack modes, with their own advantages, available for creators of different needs.

Mono Track

Mono mode for 1-person vlogging, live broadcasting, etc.

Stereo Track

Stereo mode for 2-person vlogging, interviews, etc

Safety Track

Safety mode for outdoor shootings when audio-popping preventive measure is needed.

Magnetic Storage. Carry-on Charging.

Having trouble identifying left and right transmitters when putting them back to the case?

Just drop them into the case, let them pair, and start charging. Close the lid, put it in your backpack, take it out when using next time with the mics fully charged

4 hours duration
Each transmitter

7 hours duration

x2.5 times charging
For storage box 100% charged


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